Free Home Testing For Sexually Transmitted Infections.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) has announced that a free national home testing service for sexually transmitted infections for those aged 17 and over, has now been expanded to all counties in the Republic of Ireland.

This service will see persons, aged from 17 years and older, able to order a free sexually transmitted infections (STI) test kit, on an online platform, which will then delivered to their home using the Irish postal service.

Once the test is completed at home, recipients can then post the samples back to the laboratory in a pre-paid envelope provided.

Test results will be returned by text or phone, with those in need of further treatment referred to a participating public STI clinic or their GP

Kits can be accessed HERE, and from today, the service has been expanded to all counties in the Republic.

Home test kits test for:
HIV. [Human Immunodeficiency Viruses.]

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre has reported that notifications of STIs remain on the rise and can be attributed possibly to the impact of Covid-19 on healthcare services, and social interaction.


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