Youthful Friends.

Youthful Friends

Poem Courtesy of Thurles Author & Poet, Tom Ryan ©

The story that quite never ends,
Is the boundless tale of youthful friends,
Who in that cherry blossom time.
In music, dance and sweetest wine.
Embraced the ever living truth,
The earnest love of blissful youth.
When hearts were warm,
And hearts could sing,
The unending joy of everything.
Of happy days and endless night,
When every season was delight.
Love and laughter were our guide,
Where wild and wondrous dreams reside.
And, so a toast to youthful friends,
And youthful love that never ends,
And when the nights of Autumn fall,
By turf fires brightest warmest glow,
Why we shall lovingly recall,
The merry joys of long ago,
In memory’s joy and chat and song,
Those happy days forever young.


Tom Ryan “Iona”Rahealty, Thurles


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