Thurles M D Officials Below Par, Ineffective & Lacking In Ability.

Too many people with degrees and not enough people with qualifications to operate drainage rods.”

The video hereunder highlights why just one thunder shower flooded areas within Thurles Town precinct.

Question: How much do we pay our local councillors for representing us at Council level each month?

Answer: On average depending on position, conferences attended, training etc, about €2,667.00 per month or close to €667.00 per week.

You can check exactly what we paid each named councillor HERE.
You can check what each of the abbreviated allowances represent HERE.

Not bad pay for those who refuse to answer emails from the public, and have to attend for a couple of hours at one meeting each month.

Meanwhile, highly paid officials at all levels, each responsible for basic administration within the town of Thurles, have proven themselves to be below par, ineffective and totally lacking in ability.


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