Aerial Overview Of Proposed Routes For Thurles Walking & Cycling Project.

The video viewed hereunder, demonstrates the six possible routes for a Thurles Walking and Cycling Scheme, envisaged for the town of Thurles, Co. Tipperary and announced yesterday.

Details not supplied in the announced plan yesterday include:-

  • How many students from all levels of education within our school system actually use bicycles or walk to school? A majority of students use the school bus service, while many more are collected by cars, driven by their parents.

  • Surely students will choose their own cycling or walking future route – based on the logical rule that the shortest distance between home and school, going and coming, “is a straight line”.

  • Why is the final destination in all 6 routes, Bohernamona road, east of the town?

  • Regarding Route (1), The Green Route; With narrow pavements on both sides of Friar Street currently serving pedestrians, how can space be introduced for a cycling route? Are we to remove car parking completely from that area?

  • Has anyone driven up Mitchel Street recently? Currently there is not sufficient space for two cars travelling in opposite directions, to pass each other.

  • Like Bowe’s Corner funding; did someone dream up this scheme to acquire capital from the National Transport Authority (NTA), latter who are allocating taxpayers money to Ireland’s local authorities, with a view to spending €289 million on walking and cycling infrastructure in 2022, at the behest of Minister for Transport Mr Eamon Ryan?

  • Finally, does this mean that a cycle lane will be included on Liberty Square, whose enlarged stench ridden pavements are currently taken over by outdoor tea/coffee seating and alcohol sales.


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