Covid-19 – From Whence Did It Come?

To date, per Johns Hopkins University (JHU), centre for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE), there have been worldwide, 579,028.597 cases of Covid-19 contracted, with 6,404,533 deaths; 58,962 of which deaths occurring within the past 28 day period, up to 8:00pm this evening.

Here in the Irish Republic, on Wednesday, July 27th, (last published figures) some 523 PCR and 429 Antigen confirmed cases were identified with total deaths in the Republic, to date, since the beginning of the pandemic identified at 7675.
As of 11:30am this morning there 27 patients in ICU’s and 435 patients in our hospitals across the State.

Covid-19 – Where did it come from?

Two scientific studies, which were published in the earlier part of last week demonstrated that the earliest known Covid-19 cases were clustered around Wuhan’s Huanan seafood and wildlife market.

Using genetic information, one of the studies tracks the timing of the outbreak and suggests that there were two variants introduced into humans in November / December of 2019, with this evidence suggesting that Sars/Cov-2 was present in live mammals that were sold at Huanan market in late 2019.

Scientists are now of the opinion that the virus was transmitted to people who were either employed or were consumers, shopping at the market, in two separate events, where a human randomly contracted the virus from an animal present.

Same crowded live animal markets, scientists agree, can provide an ideal transmission centre for such new diseases to spread from animals to humans, as a separate study showed that nearly 50,000 animals of 38 different varieties / species were sold at markets in Wuhan.

Scientists believe that the pandemic was most likely to have been the consequences of unhealthy, cruel and unhygienic practice, and these and other developing studies will correct the political wrangling, suggesting that such viruses was created deliberately in a laboratory.


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