Action Against Retired Tipperary Solicitor, Re: Comments Posted On Facebook, Settled On Confidential Terms.

Mrs Meabh and Mr Sebastien Quoirin, parents of Irish teenager Ms Nóra Quoirin; latter whose body was sadly located near a Malaysian jungle resort at the start of a family holiday in 2019, have now settled their defamation action over comments which were posted on Facebook, now known as Meta.

The action taken against retired, Dublin solicitor Ms Anne Brennan from Castleiney, Templemore, Co Tipperary, who was not present in court, was settled on terms not disclosed to the public.

A statement was read in court on behalf of Meta (Facebook) by Mr Rossa Fanning, SC.
In this statement, the company said that a Facebook user had posted on their platform a series of assertions that were found to be somewhat disturbing and offensive to the Quoirin family.

Meta said it appreciated that these allegations were distressing to the family and expressed their sympathy for any distress and trauma caused.

President of the High Court, Mr David Barniville also expressed his sympathy to the family.

On the steps of the court, Mrs Maebh Quoirin said the settlement reached marked the end of another chapter in the quest for truth and that they, as a family, were satisfied the matter was now concluded.

Our readers will remember that teenager, Ms Nóra Quoirin, latter born with a birth defect (HPE) [a disorder which causes developing baby’s brain to not properly separate into the right and left hemispheres], went missing from her family’s holiday cottage on their first night, August 4th, 2019, at an eco-resort, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Sadly, her body was later found after some nine days, just 2.5km from her holiday cottage.

Following a post-mortem examination, it was declared that the teenager died, sadly, from intestinal bleeding, due to starvation and stress. This post-mortem verdict, however, has since been overturned and changed to an open ruling.


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