Thunderstorm Activity Forecast For Tipperary Area.

Met Éireann has warned of thunderstorms affecting 10 counties in the Irish Republic, as Ireland’s heatwave comes to an end.

Met Éireann, the national forecaster has stated that southern and eastern areas of the country will experience thunderstorm activity today, together with possibly localised heavy rain showers.

The status-yellow warning came into force at 9.30am and will remain in effect until 9pm tonight for counties Tipperary, Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford, Wicklow, Cork, Waterford, Cavan, Donegal and Leitrim.

Meanwhile, last Friday, July 15th, was St. Swithin’s Day and according to the old saying, if it rains on St. Swithin’s Day it will rain for the next 40 days. If on the other hand St. Swithin’s Day is dry, the next 40 days will also be dry.

The saying goes: –
“St. Swithin’s Day, if it does rain, full forty days, it will remain.
St. Swithin’s Day, if it be fair, for forty days, t’will rain no more”

However, our weather experts maintain that since records began in the latter half of the 1800s, there has never been a record of 40 dry or 40 wet days in a row, following the St. Swithin’s Day belief, and it looks like this year will be no exception.


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