Covid-19 – A Virus For All Seasons.

Ireland is currently in the middle of another wave of Covid-19, driven largely by Omicron sub-variants, according to Dr. Colm Henry (HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer).

Dr. Henry has confirmed that the sub-variants now comprise some than 90% of current cases that are receiving genomic sequencing at present.

Dr. Henry stated that the virus that we are experiencing now, highlights the fact that even though we’re in a much better place in our State, in relation to Covid; it further highlights how much uncertainty still remains. There remains increasing pressure on our hospitals, although generally people are not getting as sick as previously, however, presentations in emergency departments are at high levels; something normally associated with the winter season.

Currently there are 31 people in ICU with the virus and as of 8:00am yesterday morning, there were 776 people in hospital, latter an increase of 25 on the same time yesterday.
The HSE has stated that almost 600 of their staff members have testing positive for the virus within the past 7 days

Minister for Finance Mr Paschal Donohoe has said that legislation will be considered by the Cabinet around when an effective mask mandate might be reintroduced. He also warned that Covid-19 infections were rising and urged people who have not yet received a booster dose to immediately do so.


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