Littering Caused By Meaningless Bin Installations In Thurles Town.

“Sunday Morning Coming Down”

Early this bright, sunny, Sunday morning [as I “watched a small kid cussin’ at a can that he was kicking”.], Liberty Square and along the River Side Walk in Thurles looked like a promotion for the Song “Sunday Morning Coming Down” written by Kris Kristofferson.

The litter was everywhere, 90% caused, once again, more by the type of meaningless litter bins currently provided by our engineers on this €9m to €12m street fiasco, rather than the more irresponsible, prideless individuals we more often are wont to encounter.

Congratulations to the two ladies (representing No. 61 Scanlons News Agency (Nuachtanai) and Sos Beag – Coffee Shop), latter who both ventured out early, to clean the litter widely scattered in front of their respective shop fronts.

Here we have a new, admittedly only half updated town centre, now looking filthier than what it had previously replaced. We had previously warned about these tiny litter bins. We and others within our community, had also warned against the use of light grey Chinese granite on a surface accommodating motor vehicles, but council officials and their inexperienced and expensive town planners felt they knew better. Result on Liberty Square today, oil stains, rubber tyre stains and other liquid stain, all beginning to rear their ugly heads.

(Ask yourself; what idiot buys white carpet flooring for the shed?)

Meanwhile, local residents continue to leave bags of household waste beside litter bins on the River Side Walk and Thurles Park areas, south of the town, which would appear to be acceptable to our Municipal District Council officials.

(Where is the Thurles CCTV system taxpayers paid €100,000 to install?)

But today, Sunday, May 15th, 2022; it’s all about the Litter Bins and the failure and consistent waste of taxpayer’s money, by our Thurles Municipal District Council.


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