Covid-19 Confirmed Cases Total 2,307 In Irish Republic Today.

Sadly, with a further 26 deaths reported here in the Irish Republic today (April 27th); according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), despite our welcome current downward trend in virus infections, it is expected that the Irish mainland will see yet another surge in Covid-19 infections, within the coming four to six week period.

Dr. David Nabarro the World Health Organisations special envoy on Covid-19, warns that hospitals in Ireland are likely to face quite a lot of illness yet again, as case numbers begin to trend upwards once more.
He further warned that we can expect new surges possibly every three months.

The Department of Health, here in the Republic Of Ireland, today has confirmed 2,307 new cases of coronavirus; same figure comprising 982 PCR-confirmed cases, with 1,325 positive tests logged on through the HSE portal.

This morning, there were 436 people in our Republic’s hospitals, with the virus, a welcome decrease of 43 patients since yesterday, with 38 positive cases currently in our intensive care units (ICU), latter an increase of 5 since yesterday.

Northern Ireland today reported a further 365 new Covid cases and sadly 1 more death.


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