With Swallows Comes A Promise Of Summer.

“True hope is swift, and flies with swallow’s wings.” William Shakespeare, (Richard III 5.2.)

Here in Thurles, a local man is quoted as stating that “A summer without swallows feels incomplete”.

Here in Thurles we can report that our last years hatched Swallows have returned and have been spotted first in Littleton by Mr Michael Bannon, who reported having spotted them in close proximity to his home.

Swallows tend to spend their summers here in Ireland and indeed Europe, with thousands of them arriving here to Co. Tipperary in mid-April, before migrating back to Africa, usually in September, when our Irish temperatures begins to drop.

A Swallow’s annual journey is long and full of peril at this time of year. Back in April 2020 it was reported that thousands of these insect eating birds had been killed by high winds near Greece.
Other annual perils include; a lack of water en route, pollution and pesticides, reduced insect populations and of course human interaction.

Meanwhile, if you are out and about walking, do take the time to watch their antics and enjoy their short visit amongst us.


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