“Time For Thurles”

Picture shows part of the base for the new inner relief road, wiping out Thurles heritage, and already christened by locals residents as “Hanafin’s Folly”.
Double Ditch is now fully demolished.
Pic. G. Willoughby (28/3/2022)

During a recent meeting of Templemore-Thurles Municipal District Council; councillors and those in attendance were informed that there was to be a move from the current County promotion which had been predominantly about heritage, to a more “heritage plus outdoors focus” which is currently now taking place. Who thought up this fool notion remains a mystery.

This is possibly because, in the case of Thurles town at least, most of our heritage has been removed by those positioned to promote the area.

The phrase ‘Time for Tipperary’ will now be the new buzz word. It appears the five year old failed slogan “Tipperary, the Place, The Time”, used to attempt to attract multinationals and tourists has gone out the window.

Still “Time for Tipperary”; a bit like “Trip to Tipp”, is much shorter than “Tipperary, the Place, The Time”; when “tripped off the tongue” by stuttering politicians.

Like the launch of “Tipperary, the Place, The Time”, here is a great opportunity also for Tipperary Co. Councillors; officials and politicians to banquet at Kilshane House, Bansha, you know the place where Dita von Teese & Marilyn Manson, Una Healy & Ben Foden were all married.

But the leading questions remains; will Covid-19 infected tourists continue to journey past the M50, at Junction 9 on the Red Cow roundabout?

Should we now hijack this proposed new logo and promote “Time for Thurles”, but sure what have we left to use as an attraction?


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