Covid-19 Cases Increase By 1,095 On Irish Mainland In Past 24 Hours.

In the Republic of Ireland, our Department of Health has reported 4,042 PCR-confirmed cases of Covid-19, with 4,746 positive antigen tests, same registered through the HSE portal; a total, in all, of 8,788, same up 1,094 cases on yesterdays reported figures.

There were 661 Covid patients in our Republic’s hospitals; up 8 on yesterday, with 46 in ICU, at 8:00am this morning; latter same figure as reported yesterday.

Across Northern Ireland, a further 2,408 cases of coronavirus were reported today, up 1 on the from 2,407 cases reported on yesterday.

Today there were 483 patients with Covid-19 in hospitals in Northern Ireland, up from 477 reported yesterday.

Of these Covid patients, 5 remain in intensive care units, the same number also as reported yesterday.

Sadly, a further 3 more Covid-19-related deaths have been reported in Northern Ireland over the past 24 hours.


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