Encroaching On Heavens Property.

You may not know this, but Heaven and Hell are actually right next door to each other, separated only by a long spike topped, chain-link fence.

Well, one day Hell was having a wild, drunken party and it got out of hand.
God heard the drunken racket and arrived to find the dividing fence completely smashed by the wild revellers.

He called Satan over and said, ‘Look, Satan, this behaviour has got to stop. You will now have to replace this fence.’
Satan agreed and the next day God noticed that the Devil had, as agreed, completely rebuilt the fence, but it was 2 feet further in on Heaven’s property.

‘Now listen here Satan!’ said God. ‘You will have to take that
fence down and put it back on its original foundations, where it rightly belongs!’

‘Yeah? So what if I don’t?’ replied Satan.
‘I’ll sue you if I have to,’ answered God.
‘Sure,’ laughed Satan, ‘Now tell me this, just where are You going to find a lawyer?’


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