Joke Of The Week.

A badly prepared student in an advanced Biology class was taking his mid-term exam. The last question on his paper, with a value of 70 marks, was causing a small problem.

It read: – ‘Name seven advantages for women who breast feed their babies.’

Our student was finding this question extremely difficult. However taking a gamble based on his more general knowledge he wrote as follows: –

(1) It is a perfect formula for the baby.
(2) It provides immunity against certain diseases.
(3) It is always at the right temperature.
(4) It is inexpensive as food.
(5) It bonds the child to mother, and vice versa.
(6) It is always available if and when required, even at a moments notice.

Now lost for his seventh reason the student thought for awhile. Finally, in desperation, just before the bell rang indicating the end of his exam, he quickly scrawled: –

(7) It comes in two attractive containers and it is high enough off the ground, where the cat can’t get it.

Our student got an A.


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