Drugs Destined For Tipperary Seized By Revenue Officers.

Cannabis and other illegal narcotics, with a street value of over €330,000 have been seized by Revenue at two premises in Co. Dublin.

Using sniffer dogs, Revenue officers have sized 15.5kgs of herbal cannabis, 5,528 Zopiclone tablets, a small quantities of CMC crystals, hash cakes, butane honey oil, cannabis resin, cannabis oil and LSD tablets, all hidden in various parcels.

Same parcels originated initially in the USA, Canada, Spain, UK and Holland, were labelled as other items such as Tea, Christmas gifts, Coffee Beans, Textiles and Food Stuffs.

According to Revenue Officers, these parcels were destined for addresses in counties Tipperary, Dublin, Louth, Kildare, Cork, Kerry, and Wexford.

Further investigations into the drugs seizures remain ongoing.


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