Warning To Motorists Travelling On Mill Road, Thurles.

With major traffic delays currently being experienced by motorists and other heavy duty, delivery vehicles, all attempting to pass through Thurles town; speeding traffic has greatly increased in both directions along the Mill Road, as same motorists attempt to access and exit the N62, thus avoiding the now generated bottleneck that is, alas, Liberty Square.

Mill Road surface, located west of the approach to Brady’s Mill.
Pictures: G. Willoughby

Same excessive traffic has now seriously collapsed the edges of this narrow road’s surface, as motorists, heavy trucks and agricultural machinery wend their way northwards, from Littleton and the N62 turnoff, travelling towards the Mill Road roundabout, close to the dangerous bend, at the entrance to Brady’s Mill.

The road surface initially collapsed in this area last November, (see pictures above) following on partially from a ditch having been removed, leaving a soft unsupported margin.

Despite politicians and local councillors announcing major funding for roads in Co. Tipperary, same road collapse has gone totally unattended, leaving the area with surface furrows/ruts/tracks between 15cm and 22cm (6 and 9 inches) deep at the road’s edge and not clearly visible to advancing motorists.

Please do slow down and take care.


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