Killer Covid-19 Cases Reach 24,789 On Irish Mainland Today.

The Department of Health, here in the Irish Republic, has confirmed 17,656 additional cases of Covid-19 over the past 24 hours.

There are now 928 people in hospital with the virus, up 44 on yesterday’s reported figures, with the number of patients now in ICUs across the country having risen by 4, to 94, also since yesterday.

Within the period June 27th 2021, to December 25th 2021 last; 55% of ICU admissions were discharged alive, while sadly over 31% lost their lives.
Sadly, there have been 40 deaths over the last 7 days.

The manufacturers of the rapid antigen test, Genrui, latter based in China, have said they are working closely with local agents and partners in Ireland, to actively investigate the product batches, where it has received complaints from users.
Genrui Biotech Inc admits that antigen tests have their limitations and the self-testing product cannot be used alone, for the diagnosis of Covid-19.
The Irish Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) has confirmed that it is examining a number of reports of ‘false positive results’ from the kits, which were sold in supermarkets and other outlets in Ireland.
At least one retail outlet, namely Dunnes Stores here in Thurles, has removed the product from its shelves, in light of its lack of accurate testing ability.

Dr Tony Holohan continues to urge people to isolate immediately, if symptomatic, while keeping social contacts as low as possible and avoiding high risk activities and poorly ventilated environments like enclosed corridors.

An Post has stated that several hundred of its nearly 10,000 staff are out, mainly as Covid-19 close contacts, but only 1% of the post office network was impacted yesterday.

It is estimated that some seven or eight thousand teachers will be absent tomorrow when schools reopen, because of Covid-19. Health officials gave unions assurances yesterday that they would continue to meet stakeholders and that those attending the meeting also got a vast amount of data to show that children are not the driving force behind the virus pandemic.
Children who have symptoms of Covid-19, or who live in a household where someone has received a positive test result, either on a PCR or an antigen test should not attend school.

The US President Joe Biden has announced that he is doubling US government purchases of the new Pfizer therapeutic pills, latter designed to combat the worst effects of Covid-19. The new order is expected to take the stockpile to some 20 million doses.

Just when we thought things were looking a little better, due to the more contagious omicron variant being a milder virus than delta; a new variant named IHU, the new B.1.640.2, with 46 mutations, has now emerged, having been identified in south-eastern France.
Experts do not yet know just how dangerous it is and do not yet know anything about where it initially originated. This new variant was detected in early December 2021, in a traveller who returned to France from Cameroon, western Africa; according to medical officials.

Northern Ireland’s Department of Health has also sadly reported a further 7,133 cases of coronavirus today, with 403 patients reported with Covid-19 in northern hospitals; up from 348 reported yesterday.
Their Department of Health has also reported three more Covid-19-related deaths today, with 32 patients with Covid-19 in their hospital intensive care units, an increase of 1 on yesterday.

It was never more important that everyone continues to support our schools, businesses, our immediate family and friends and to keep to the spirit of public health advice.


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