Kilcoran Lodge Hotel Leisure Centre, Tipperary, To Enter Examiner Ship.

Munster Strategic Investments, Mocklers Hill, Cashel, Co Tipperary, owners of the Kilcoran Lodge Hotel Leisure Centre, Bohemarnane, County Tipperary, were granted leave to apply for the appointment of an examiner on Tuesday 7th December last, in the Circuit Civil Court, in a bid to save the business and the jobs of some 37 employees.

Barrister Mr Ross Gorman told Judge Mr Cormac Quinn that while the company was currently unable to pay its debts, an independent expert was of the view that it could be saved through the appointment of an examiner.

The company had been incorporated back in November 2015, by directors Mr Paul Bowes and his daughter Ms Triona Bowes, both with an address at Mocklers Hill, Cashel, but the business had suffered financial trading difficulties, due mainly to the effect of the Covid Pandemic; forcing it to close from March to July of 2020. This closure had placed a significant impact on the company’s then turnover in 2020 which was approximately €495,000.

In 2018 the company had acquired Kilcoran Lodge Hotel for just under €1.68million funded through several Chinese investors under the immigration investment programme whereby non-EU nationals invest a minimum of €1million in an Irish business and in return obtain a residency visa in Ireland.

Judge Cormac Quinn stated that he would allow an application for the appointment of an examiner to be made today, December 17th 2021.


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