Funding For Anti-Social Behaviour Announced

Minister Browne announces funding of almost €200,000 to address anti-social behaviour and the misuse of scramblers

Minister of State with responsibility for Law Reform and Youth Justice, Mr James Browne TD, is delighted to announce that almost €200,000 is being provided in funding to eight community-based projects to work with young people involved in the anti-social use of scramblers and quad bikes and related crime.

Welcoming the news, Minister Browne stated,

“I chair the Anti-Social Behaviour Forum within my Department and one of its tasks was to deliver proposals that could be brought to Government around a community based approach to tackling this problem. While tackling the misuse of scramblers and other vehicles by An Garda Síochána is fundamental, it was also highlighted to the Forum that engagement with communities and awareness raising are just as important.

This included making younger people aware of dangers to themselves and to others in using such vehicles and highlighting the dangers to parents considering buying such vehicles for their children. The Forum explored the opportunities of intervention and diversion from this type of activity.

Mr James Browne TD

Earlier this year the Department of Justice opened applications for funding to all Youth Diversion Projects and interested groups, such as motocross clubs, on the development of proposals for community-based interventions to work with young people involved in anti-social use of these vehicles and related crime and anti-social behaviour.

This funding provision announced today will enable eight Youth Diversion Projects to work with young people involved in the mis-use of these vehicles. These projects will be required to consult with other local interests, including An Garda Síochána, and to create a local consortium which will include the local authority. It is envisaged that the local authority partner will in general be responsible for provision of tracks and related facilities. The programme will also encourage young people to engage positively to learn motorcycle skills, including maintenance, combined with relevant educational and personal development activities.

The Department of Justice would welcome additional applications from other Youth Diversion Projects and indeed is working with a number to support them in developing additional local scrambler initiatives.

Minister Browne added:

“I know the Minister of Transport is examining provisions to strengthen the law in relation to the dangerous and antisocial off-road use of scramblers, quads and other similar vehicles. It is hoped that this combined approach of increased Garda powers to tackle the misuse of scramblers, while at the same time creating alternative options for those who wish to use such vehicles safely and legally, will have a significant impact in tackling the problem.”


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