Killer Covid-19 Cases Reach 6,313 Today On Irish Mainland, Up 489 On Yesterday.

The Department of Health has confirmed a further 4,764 cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, here in the Irish Republic, bringing the number of cases within the past 14 days, to 62,401 cases.

The number of people being treated for the virus in hospital now stands at 598, down 13 since yesterday. Of these hospital patients 126 are being treated in intensive care units across the Republic; down 6 since we reported yesterday.

An Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has stated that Covid-19 case numbers appear to have started to plateau at worryingly high level, but added that he would like to see them fall even further in the run up to this year’s Christmas festival season. He further warned that the pandemic is not under control and high levels of the virus are circulating in the community. He described the situation in ICUs as tight and worrying, as scientists in South Africa state that they have detected a new Covid-19 variant, which goes by the scientific lineage number B.1.1.529 and which has a very high number of mutations, blaming same for the upward surge in infection numbers.

Meanwhile, Fianna Fáil TD Mr Cathal Crowe said he was appalled to observe so many people not wearing masks on public train transport recently. In Dáil Éireann, during a debate on Covid-19, Mr Crowe described the situation as giving the “two fingers” to society and their attitude an affront to Irish front-line health workers. The HSE’s Dr Colm Henry has also stated that there has been considerable concern recently regarding the number of confirmed cases affecting hospital staff. However, Ireland remains at the top of the European League in terms of adults being fully vaccinated with our rate standing currently at some 93.3%.
To this end, “Walk-in booster Covic-19 vaccination clinics” for healthcare workers and people aged 60 to 69 have been opened by the Health Service Executive (HSE).

In Northern Ireland today, a further 1,549 new cases of coronavirus were reported; down from 1,931 reported just yesterday.

There currently remain 395 Covid patients in northern hospitals, up from 386 reported yesterday. Of these, 35 are being treated in intensive care units (ICUs), down 1 on yesterday’s figures.
Sadly, 5 Covid-19-related deaths have also been reported in Northern Ireland today.

Abroad, the Czech government has declared a state of emergency for 30 days, due to a surge in coronavirus cases, according to Czech Television.

One of the world’s most vaccinated nations, Portugal, has reimposed restrictions to stop a surge in Covid-19 cases, ordering all persons flying into the country, even those fully vaccinated, to show a negative test on immediate arrival.

Continue to listen to science and do continue to keep yourself and your family safe by regularly washing your hands; wearing a mask when appropriate and cut down on your social contacts.


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