Covid-19 Cases Reach 6,331 Today On Irish Mainland

The Department of Health has confirmed a further 4,650 new cases of Covid-19 in the Irish Republic, over the past 24 hours.

The number of people hospitalised with the virus now stands at 643, up 9 since yesterday. This figure is up by 20% on last week’s total and of those patients in our hospitals, 118 are being treated in intensive care.

HSE Chief Executive Mr Paul Reid stated this afternoon that the situation within hospitals and the overall health system is extremely serious and the current pandemic wave is putting an inconceivable strain on our health system and across all levels of care being provided.

Here in Co. Tipperary some 12,763 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed since the start of the pandemic.

HSE data made available for the first time yesterday, suggests 389,000 booster vaccine doses have been administered to eligible people, as of Tuesday last and of these some 90,000 healthcare frontline workers have received their booster dose.

New coronavirus restrictions announced by the Government, ere-yesterday, will come into force tonight, with an earlier closing time of midnight coming into force for bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Minister for Education Ms Norma Foley has confirmed that Antigen tests will be made available to primary schools on or before November 29th next. She also stated that where two or more cases arise in a seven-day period outside of the original classroom pod, antigen testing will be provided to the full class. These tests will be free of charge, Minister Foley confirmed.

Antigen tests will also be made available free to staff working in Leinster House from next week, but not for TDs and Senators, the Oireachtas has confirmed.

The 2021 Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) Awards which were scheduled for December 7th next, have been cancelled. HRI said the decision was taken due to the current Covid situation and the future uncertainty it presents. A virtual event in some form will be held instead.

Professor Philip Nolan of the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) believes it will only take a marginal change in people’s behaviour to bring Covid-19 back in line. However if these changes are not made, Ireland is on a trajectory to bring about large patient numbers, many of whom will end up in our hospitals, coinciding with this Christmas festival season.

A further 1,681 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Northern Ireland over the past 24 hours, down from 1,848 yesterday.

There are 419 patients with Covid-19 in northern hospitals, with 34 of these patients in hospital intensive care units, up from 33 over the same period.

Sadly, 6 Covid-19-related deaths have also been reported in Northern Ireland today, bringing the total number of deaths, linked to Covid-19, since the start of the pandemic to 2,820 in just six Irish counties.

In Germany, an additional 65,371 virus cases were reported yesterday, bringing the total number of people infected with the virus to date, to 5,195,321. Chancellor Ms Angela Merkel has now made a new plea to those unvaccinated, to get immunised, stating that when enough people are vaccinated, that is the only route out of this pandemic.

Please do continue to keep yourself and your family safe by regularly washing your hands; wearing a mask when appropriate and please do cut down on your direct social contacts.


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