No Place For ‘Faint Of Heart’ At Holycross Pumpkin Fest Yesterday.

I want you to imagine the situation yesterday.

You get out of bed, bleary eyed and trundle along to your local Holycross Village Market. Your sole intention is to get a couple of your favourite apple sponge cakes; a bunch of organic carrots; a bee’s wax candle (well you never know when the ESB is going to be cut off these days); a loaf of freshly baked brown bread and your first creamy coffee of the day.

A female stall holder screams. You turn around and “God help us”, there they are; natives of Mars, North America, Transylvania and Tipperary.

Photographs don’t lie. Watch the video.

I first spotted a knife wielding bride of Dracula; then as if in a nightmare, a blood splattered Thurles Sarsfield hurler (looking, no doubt, for Kilkenny supporters; after they had dealt with Kiladangan); Vampires all operating in bright daylight; the blood thirsty Dracula himself; numerous walking Skeletons and Zombies; Witches old and young, all dressed in black; a crowd of Muppets (none of which had been elected to Dáil Éireann); a giant Bumble Bee; a Green Woman from Mars; a 68 million year old, sweet eating, Horned Triceratops Dinosaur from the late Cretaceous period (and they told us they were extinct!); a Changeling from the outer world, latter a member of that supernatural race Tuath Dé Danann (“the folk of the goddess Danu”).

Then as if things were not bad enough, Pennywise the dancing evil clown from “It” appeared out of nowhere, leaving me suffering from an attack of coulrophobia (that’s a fear of clowns).

Thankfully super heroes, Black Panther; Superman; Super Mario; a Super Megaforce Power Ranger, together with a Dragon Slaying Knight, in his shining armour, made their appearence, which as you can imagine, set not just my mind, but also the minds of the frightened stall-holders at their ease.

I need not tell you I was out of there like lightening having done my shop, and on arriving home, bolted the front and back door, before pulling all the curtains. Is it safe to go out yet I wonder?


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