Roundabout vs Traffic Lights For Clongower Junction, Thurles, Tipperary.

According to qualified engineers which
one is the ‘Better’ and ‘Safer’?

Roundabouts vs traffic lights has always been an argumentative topic, however it has long been agreed, based on extensive studies that in the majority of cases, the ‘Roundabout’ is far better and safer than a ‘Traffic Light’ controlled junction.

Drivers need to slow down and think at roundabouts, as opposed to trying to beat a red light. Overall, studies undertaken worldwide declare that the existence of a ‘Roundabout’, will achieve a 37% reduction in collisions as opposed to traffic lights.

Roundabouts also improve traffic flow. Cars do not have to wait for a green light and as such roundabouts promote continuous traffic flow in low flow or uncongested traffic; as is the case in a rural town like Thurles.
With a Roundabout at this junction, Gardaí can go about their real business, instead of directing traffic volumes where same is not necessary.

Roundabouts also cost less to implement. Over the long term, roundabouts are considerably cheaper to operate each year, as there are no electrical costs involved.

To sum up; qualified engineers declare that ‘Roundabouts’ are the clear winners of choice. They are safer, improve traffic flow, are cheaper than traffic lights and can be installed for use in most situations.

The introduction of ‘Roundabouts’ will also put a stop to elected local Councillors and TD’s having to embarrass themselves, by continuously going on radio to justify why engineers are constantly wasting large sums of taxpayers money.

Looking abroad; after a century of resistance, cities in the USA, which have to endure larger volumes of traffic, are finally learning to love the ‘Roundabout’ – the Bronx in New York has got its first – believing it to be safer and far better for traffic flow.


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