Conker Championship At Holycross Market “Pumpkin Fest”.

The much anticipated Tipperary “Conker Championships” will take place at the “Holycross Market Pumpkin Fest” here in Holycross, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, on Saturday October 30th from 1:00pm4:00pm; reviving a tradition first mentioned as a sport by Poet Laureate Robert Southey in his memoirs published in 1821.

But first, those of you who have never competed previously will need to get some practise under your belt, for this event.
So to understand and learn more about preparing and winning this “Conker Championship”, please watch the video hereunder.

We understand from the Holycross Market Committee that a beautiful trophy, hand crafted locally, awaits the winner, with first place also earning a purse to the value of €50 in cash, and with the runner-up earning €25. “A nice little earner”, what with Christmas looming on the horizon.

So with tomorrow being Sunday; designated “a day of rest”, insist that Mum & Dad take you to the nearest Horse Chestnut tree, then choose a few conkers and start practising.
Remember the championship is just a week away.

Warning: Having watched the video; Kids do ask Dad to drill the hole in your Conker, so that you do not skewer your hand or fingers, injuring yourself before the event.

Next & Very Important: To enter for this event you need to text Sean @ 086 173 0621, to register.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Remember – Holycross Market – Saturday October 30th from 1:00pm – 4:00pm.


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