Covid-19 Cases Rise To 3,766 In Past 24 Hours On Island Of Ireland.

There have been 2,399 new cases of Covid-19 confirmed by the Department of Health in the last 24 hours here in the Republic of Ireland. Same number is the highest daily total reached since January 2021.

There are 473 people with Covid-19 in our hospitals, same number down 11 on yesterday’s reported figures. Of these patients, 74 are being treated in intensive care units, up 1 on yesterday.

With about 7% of the adult population currently unvaccinated, same is placing a huge amount of pressure on the hospital system, with 2 in every 3 patients, in ICU’s, found to be completely unvaccinated.

The National Public Health Emergency team has informed the Government that should the latest lock-down changes, not have a sufficient effect on the current Covid-19 profile, the re-imposition of public health restriction measures may well again be fully warranted.

Their advice further states that return to the workplace should continue to be phased and cautious, with NPHET continuing to recommend that all who can work from home should continue to do so.

NPHET has reiterated its advice that with the Delta variant being so highly transmissible, it is most unlikely that our high vaccination rate alone, achieved here todate in Ireland, will not bring the effective reproduction number below 1, thus allowing Ireland to achieve suppression of the disease.

In Northern Ireland a further 1,367 cases of the virus have also been notified by their Department of Health, up from 1,091 yesterday.

The latest northern hospital figures indicate that there are 366 patients with Covid-19 in their hospitals, up from 347 patients yesterday.

Sadly, 8 more coronavirus-related deaths have been reported today in Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile in Britain, where Covid-19 cases remain stubbornly high, the British government has confirmed it is monitoring a sub-variant of the current Delta virus strain, which has been identified in a growing number of their identified cases.


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