Donegal Ambulance Sent On Emergency To Tipperary.

An interesting article, written by Mr Chris McNulty, and published by the Donegal Daily yesterday, (dated September 28th 2021).

The article claimed that an ambulance was “tasked” from Co. Donegal, to answer a call in Co. Tipperary recently; latter distance at least some 326km (203 mls) via the N17 with a normal driving time of some four hours.

The matter was raised by county counsellor Mr Jerry Crawford at the Regional Health Forum West yesterday, prompting serious questions about the dispatching of ambulances.

The Porthall, East Co. Donegal based counsellor has now asked for an urgent meeting between Ambulance Management and Forum Members, to address his concerns on this issue.

“I have reason to believe, and I will leave it as ‘reason to believe’, that on a recent occasion, a Donegal ambulance was tasked to Tipperary” counsellor Crawford was quoted as stating.


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