Today Covid-19 Cases Reach 2,193 On Irish Mainland

The Department of Health here in the Republic of Ireland has confirmed a further 1,163 new cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours.

The number of people in our hospitals now stands at 297, which is an increase of 11 since yesterday. Of these patients, 61 are being treated in hospital intensive care units; up a further 2 since yesterday.

Co. Tipperary now has the fourth highest vaccination rate of all 26 Irish counties, according to HSE data. The HSE further states that the amount of people over 18 years within Co. Tipperary, who has received at least one dose of vaccine, averages 97.3 % of the current population.

In Northern Ireland their Department of Health has confirmed a further 1,030 cases of coronavirus over the past 24 hours, down from 1,165 yesterday.

There were 373 patients with Covid-19 in northern hospitals on Friday, compared to 383 yesterday. The number of patients with Covid-19 in hospital intensive care units remains at 31 today.

Vaccination continues to offer the best protection against the most severe effects of COVID-19, including hospitalisation and death.


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