Be Aware “Bank Jugging” – New Criminal Trend.

“Bank jugging” is when criminals position themselves outside of a bank or other financial institution, watching as customers enter and leave the building. These criminals can work in pairs, one casually watching, while in mobile phone contact with a partner parked nearby.

The thief will then target anybody who comes out with a bank change bag or envelope that looks like it may contain a large amount of cash.

Gardaí are now warning the public about this rising trend, having dubbed this behaviour, “bank jugging”.

The criminal then may follow the customer before either breaking into their unattended vehicle or depending on their whereabouts, may even threaten or directly attack their targeted victim, stealing from their person.

Gardaí have issued six actions to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of “bank jugging”.

(I) Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially if you notice something odd when entering or leaving your bank.
(2) Conceal all bank deposit bags, change bags or envelopes when entering and leaving the bank.
(3) Take your bank bag or envelope with you to your next destination and do not leave it sitting anywhere in your motor vehicle.
(4) Vary your route and times regularly when making cash lodgements or withdrawals.
(5) Consider using electronic transfers rather than physically depositing and withdrawing cash, where at all possible.
(6) If you feel you are being followed, call 999, then drive your vehicle to your nearest Garda station.


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