Closure Order Placed On Tipperary Café, By FSAI.

A Tipperary café, occupied by Mr Robert Dickson at Drumkeenan, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary and trading as “Good Coffee Matters” were amongst four food businesses, ordered to close last month, under Section 53 of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Act.
The other three businesses named, indicated from reports, show that two premises are in Co. Dublin and one in Co. Waterford. See all four reports HERE.

Good Coffee Matters was served with a partial closure order initially on August 3rd 2021; however no status report had been immediately furnished until recent days.

The partial closure order report relates to a derelict building beside the stall, latter which was being used as a toilet facility and a storage area for food stocks. The Health Service Executive under the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Act, 1998, states that the premises is likely to be a “grave and immediate danger to public health at, in or on the said premises”.

The non-compliance issue refers to having no running water to the building that contained the toilet area, thus the toilets could not be flushed. This issue, according to the FSAI, was a grave and immediate risk of staff contaminating food preparation, following the use of such facilities.

The derelict building which contained the toilet and storage of foodstuffs was itself in an extremely dirty condition, evidenced by filth, grime and general waste throughout, resulting in a grave and immediate risk to the foodstuffs contained within the storage area, same being contaminated due to the lack of proper cleaning.

The FSAI inspector also found that the derelict building was in an extremely dirty condition, evidenced by filth, grime and general waste throughout. A dead bird was also found on the premises. There was, therefore, likely to be a grave and immediate risk of foodstuffs and packaging being contaminated by pests.


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