3,750 New Covid-19 Cases Confirmed On Island Of Ireland Over Past 24 Hours.

The Department of Health has confirmed a further 1,875 new cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours in the Republic of Ireland. There are 326 people in our hospitals, having tested positive for the disease, of whom 59 are currently in our intensive care units.

In Northern Ireland today, there were confirmed also another 1,875 new infections, together with, sadly, 5 further Covid-related deaths.

The above confirmed figures bring to 3,750, in total, the number of new Covid-19 cases present on the whole island of Ireland, reported over the past 24 hours.

Published Covid Studies
Continuous fatigue together with a shortness of breath still afflict many patients over a year after having been hospitalised for Covid-19, according to a new study carried out in China and published in the British medical journal ‘The Lancet’.

Vaccination Clinics
Those seeking to attend any of the vaccination clinics available this weekend can see a full list of locations HERE.

With the weather due to remain sunny and above 23° over the coming weekend, people are being asked to observe strict social distancing and face covering, while avoiding large crowds.


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