Gardaí Warning On Covid-19 Text Messages scam.

Think Before You Click

Gardaí have issued warnings regarding recent text message scams which involves Covid tests and vaccine appointments.

The messages purport to have originated from Health Service Executive (HSE) staff and advise the public to book an early appointment for a Covid-19 test through a link highlighted within the text message.

The Garda National Economic Crime Bureau (GNECB) are warning the public that once the recipients click on the highlighted link they will be brought to a cloned website where the fraudsters will seek personal information, including PPS numbers and a payment for Covid-19 tests or vaccinations.

In most instances the supplied links look very similar to the authentic HSE URL but may be misspelled.

Gardaí wish the public to understand fully that the HSE will never look for payment for Covid-19 tests or vaccinations and the public should be wary of replying to such text messages.


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