Motor Vehicles, Seized In Tipperary, Represent Proceeds Of Crime.

High Court judge, Mr Justice Alexander Owens has found that 84 motor vehicles and a trailer seized in Co. Tipperary represent the proceeds of crime. The property annexed, which were seized by the Criminal Assets Bureau, remain one of the largest collections of such assets ever taken in just a single operation, since it began its operations some 25 years ago.

Mr Justice Alexander Owens made a similar finding with regards to €153,000 held in a car dealing company’s bank account in Bank of Ireland, Tralee, Co Kerry, controlled by a Lithuanian businesswoman, Agne Khan, and her brother-in-law, Jawad Khan.

Mr Justice Owens granted the bureau’s application for orders, under ‘section 3 of the Proceeds of Crime Act’, declaring the 84 vehicles, the trailer and the €153,000, as representing directly or indirectly the proceeds of crime.

From evidence presented by the Criminal Assets Bureau, the judge further concluded, that Agne Khan and her husband Khurran Khan, both of whom reside in the English west midlands, were central to large mandate frauds; while others, such as her brother-in-law, were employed in motor dealership businesses, latter used to launder the cash proceeds of same.

Mr Justice Owens stated that it was clear that the frauds have enriched the Khan family by some €3.5 million, and large elements of personal and business assets, under their control, were undoubtedly derived from fraud; the proceeds of which had been introduced into their motor dealerships both in England and Ireland.

Transactions, introducing capital from mandate frauds were used to buy vehicles which were traced to the motor dealing firm “Autology”, trading as “Autopace”, with registered offices at Unit 1, Ballywilliam, Carrigatoher, Nenagh. Khurran Khan had taken control of Autology from September 2018. Same began trading in used motor vehicles under the name Autopace. The judge further concluded that Agne Khan (latter married to Khurran Khan) and Jawad Khan (latter married to Simona Khan), controlled the ‘Autology’, bank account through Bank of Ireland, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

One other company, “SJK”, which had earlier traded from the same Tipperary address, also it was stated, did not accord with any honest or normal method of cash introduction into a business.
SJK Wholesale Ltd, was another motor dealing company controlled by the Khans, which ceased trading in late 2018 following tax irregularities which were uncovered in subsequent Revenue investigations.
It was estimated that the Khan family, in absconding from the SJK company, took with them all trading proceeds; leaving behind unpaid VAT liability to the Irish State of at least €623,000. The judge was satisfied the business affairs of SJK were controlled by Khurran Khan and a business associate.

Mr Justice Owens stated that Khurran Khan had a track record of significant criminal activity involving fraud through the control of Autology and a number of other companies and unincorporated business entities in Ireland and England.

Members of this Khan family were arrested in England back in September last and premises in England and Ireland had been searched, including the motor dealership premises at Ballywilliam, Nenagh and houses at Slate Quarry, Portroe, Tipperary and Killaloe, Co Clare.

In total, 89 vehicles and a trailer were seized here in Ireland, however five vehicles were deemed not to be associated with the Khans and were handed back to their original owners.

In 10 linked such frauds investigated under ‘Operation Brasenose’, more than €1.3 million was stolen. In another series of frauds concerning the NHS and investigated under ‘Operation Kangchenjunga’, more than €900,000 was stolen, High Court judge, Mr Justice Alexander Owens stated.


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