Top Irish Medical Officers Targeted By Menacing Calls.

It is with anger that we learn, that two of Ireland’s most senior public health officials, namely Chief medical officer Dr. Tony Holohan and his deputy Dr. Ronan Glynn, have each received abusive phone calls, which members of the present Irish government has described as “sickening” and “appalling”.

Both prominent and important public figures in Ireland’s response to the coronavirus pandemic were reportedly targeted on Friday night last.

Separately, Mr Fergal Bowers, latter a healthcare journalist with the Irish national broadcaster RTÉ, had released a recording of a strange menacing call from a female sounding voice; (Do Listen Here), which he received in the early hours of Saturday morning last, following which he stated he was alerting the relevant authorities.

Irish Gardaí are understood to now be investigating all phone calls, with a spokesperson stating “a number of reports of menacing phone calls have been reported, and these matters will be fully investigated”.

The calls to Dr. Holohan and Dr. Glynn have been correctly, strongly condemned by Ireland’s Health Minister Mr Stephen Donnelly and his predecessor Mr Simon Harris.

Mr Donnelly has tweeted; “It is absolutely appalling that public health doctors advising Government would be targeted with abuse for doing their jobs in the middle of a pandemic. They have worked relentlessly throughout Covid and have difficult jobs to do. They deserve our respect and support.”

His cabinet college Mr Simon Harris, latter who worked closely with the public health team from the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, tweeted; “Our public health officials have been working around the clock for well over a year now to keep us safe & provide us with the best possible expert advice. Sickened to hear of abusive calls being directed at them & their families”.


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