New ‘Lambda’ Virus Variant Reaches At Least 29 Countries.

As Ireland competes in a race against time in its dealings with the Delta coronavirus variant, another variant is on the rise, known as the “Lambda” or “C.37” variant, with the World Health Organization (WHO) listing it as a “variant of interest” on June 15th last, and the UK adding it to their list of variants under investigation, since June 23rd.

According to the WHO, there have been at least 563 infections in the US, detected mainly in southern Nevada sewage water, which suggests it is spreading within the community.
“Lambda” is understood to carry an unusual combination of mutations, with the potential to change its ability to transmit or resist vaccination.

Authorities in Peru reported that 81% of its Covid-19 cases, confirmed since April 2021, were associated with Lambda, while Argentina reported an increasing prevalence of this variant, as early as the third week of February 2021. By June 24th last, the Lambda variant had been detected in 29 other countries, according to Public Health England data.

According to WHO, the Delta variant has three significant mutations in its spike protein, while the new Lambda variant has at least seven, and remains usually associated with higher transmissibility and resistance to antibodies.

Covid-19 Cases In Ireland Today

Meanwhile, as of midnight last night, Friday 9th July, a further 581 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed here in the Irish Republic, while in Northern Ireland, 445 positive cases of the disease were reported, bringing the total on the mainland of Ireland to 1,026.

In Northern Ireland sadly 1 further death has been reported. Daily data on deaths remains unavailable in the Republic of Ireland due to the Russian cyberattack on our current health service.

There are 52 people currently hospitalised, again within our Republic and of these 16 people remain in intensive care units.

However, some good news with the European Union having received enough coronavirus vaccine doses for member states, thus enabling countries within our bloc to fully vaccinate at least 70% of adults.

European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen is urging EU countries to increase vaccinations and said about 500 million doses would be distributed across the union by tomorrow, Sunday.

HSE chief executive Mr Paul Reid has stated that 55% of adults are now fully vaccinated, while 70% have received a first vaccine dose. At least 64% of Ireland’s adult population will be fully vaccinated by the end of July 2021.

Meanwhile, Professor Philip Nolan of the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) has warned that a continued growth of the disease in Ireland reaching 2,000 daily infections, would see some 40 patients admitted to hospital each day. The Delta variant has now moved from accounting for around 5% of cases in Ireland, in early June 2021, to a current 70% in early July and rapidly rising daily.


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