No Sustainability Encouraged By Thurles Municipal District Officials ?

Parks in Thurles, Co. Tipperary, worse than littered scenes in St. Stephen’s Green, Temple Bar and South William Street last Saturday.

Sadly the pictures hereunder were taken on Friday evening last, as the 3 day June Bank holiday weekend got underway.

Same is further proof that well paid, Thurles officials and line management within the organisation, headed by Tipperary County Council Chief Executive Mr Joe MacGrath, are sadly failing in their commitment and responsibilities, with regards to the people of Thurles town and its environs.

Picture demonstrates the inability of well paid Thurles Council officials to do their job.

As can be seen above, Clothing Pods and Bottle Pods are full to capacity, resulting in individuals leaving clothing & bottles strewn across Parnell Car-park and Thurles Town Park.

The signs on the front of the clothing Pod containers claim to be ‘Sewing the seeds of sustainability’.

The word sustainable of course is a composition of two words ‘sustain’ and ‘able’ and is defined as the processes and actions through which humans avoid the overexploitation and depletion of natural resources.
No evidence of sustainability being practised here.

The sign on the front of the bottle Pod containers, however state a different message, “Look Littering is an offence. Do not leave boxes or bags full or empty. Covert CCTV will capture offenders”.

Who is responsible for this continuous failure?
Where is the Thurles or covert CCTV cameras ?
Who will be prosecuted?


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