Covid-19 Updates: Sun. 30th May 2021 – 374 New Virus Cases

The Department of Health this evening has confirmed there have been 374 new additional virus cases reported here within the Irish Republic; with same case numbers subject to future data validation.

There are 99 people with Covid-19 remaining in hospital today in the Republic of Ireland, and of that number 35 are in ICU’s.

Ireland’s vaccination programme continues to progress, with 2.7 million doses expected to be administered by day’s end today; and tomorrow some 50% of the population having received dose one; with some 20% being fully vaccinated with dose two.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Holohan rightly expressed his anger / shock at such apparent disregard for COVID-19 restrictions, likening scenes around Dublin city centre to a “major open air party”.
Dr. Holohan stated “This is what we do not need when we have made so much progress”.

The plan to move to the final phase of unlocking British society remains in doubt presently, with the UK target date of June 21st next hanging in the balance. This issue has been caused by the rapid spread of the Indian Covid-19 variant and its potential to presently outpace the rollout of vaccines.
Literally what is happening in Britain is and will remain directly relevant to the management of our Irish pandemic. Those involved in such scenes in Dublin need to understand that 88% of virus cases, last week, were confirmed in those under 45 years of age, while no outbreaks were identified in nursing homes.

However, Dublin city was not alone in demonstrating utter stupidity; with Galway City Council closing off access to “Middle Arch”, same located between Wolfe Tone Bridge and Claddagh Quay, in the city centre; following requests from the Gardaí, due to large crowds gathering in that area in recent days.

Meanwhile, Minister of State and Irish Green Party politician Mr Ossian Smyth yesterday confirmed that the Government will not be providing free tests to those who wish to travel abroad this summer. Holidaymakers who have not been vaccinated will have to fork out between €100 and €200 when travelling out of and back into Ireland.

The total worldwide number of virus cases identified up to 2:30pm this evening, now stands at almost 169.99 million confirmed cases, with global deaths at well over 3.53 million.

Please Do Continue To Behave Responsibly In Order To Protect Each Other.


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