How To Build A Hedgehog Feeder & Highway.

The National Museum of Ireland has made its recent talk on hedgehogs available to access for free (see video hereunder) to celebrate Biodiversity Week 2021.

In this talk, Ms Elaine O’Riordan from the Irish Hedgehog Survey team at NUI Galway, teaches us all about hedgehogs and dispels some of the myths that exist around how hedgehogs live and what they eat.

Later in the talk, craftsman Pat Broderick demonstrates how to make a hedgehog feeder and hedgehog highway or tunnel from everyday items lying around homes and gardens. Hedgehogs are a must loved member of our natural community and this talk will be a fascinating reference for children, adults and schools.

The National Museum of Ireland are encouraging children to learn more about biodiversity in Ireland through their My Secret Garden activity. Available by clicking HERE, the My Secret Garden activity invites children to learn more about Irish flora and fauna and then apply what they have learned to imagine and create their own dream secret garden.

Biodiversity Week officially ends today, but our care and commitment to Irish biodiversity lasts all year round.

For ideas on caring for Ireland’s natural world, visit or check out’s many articles on environmental issues and education.


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