Will Graham Norton Be Visiting Thurles & Templemore During Summer 2021 ?

Graham Norton’s book “Holding” to be adapted for television and filmed here in Ireland.

So will Mr Graham Norton be visiting Thurles & Templemore, Co. Tipperary, during the Summer of 2021 ?

County Cork born author and top television presenter has revealed that British television company ITV, has commissioned the adaptation of his novel ‘Holding’, to be made into a four-part TV series.

The book was Mr Norton’s first piece of fiction work, first published back in 2016.

The novel itself is set in the remote Irish, backwater village of Duneen, Co. Cork. Human remains, suspected to be those of local Tommy Burke, latter a former lover of two local women, are discovered on an old farm. The village’s dark past soon raises its ugly head, and it is up to the local Garda Sergeant, one Mr P.J. Collins, to solve a genuine murder case for the first time in his professional life. In doing so he manages to unearth a community’s wrath, their resentments, their secrets and regrets.

Our own much-loved town of Thurles, Co. Tipperary, gets a mention in his novel; same playing a part in bringing Garda Sgt. Collins to the remote town of Duneen, quote, “After Graduating from Templemore, he had been stationed in Thurles. He liked the job well enough. In Thurles he worked longer hours than anyone else and was always the first to volunteer for the shifts that nobody else wanted”.

The television series, ‘Holding’ will be directed by Kathy Burke and the award-winning Northern Ireland actor (two Laurence Olivier Awards and two Tony Award nominations), Conleth Hill (‘Lord Varys’ in Game of Thrones), will take on the leading role of Sergeant P.J. Collins.

The series will be filmed in Ireland this summer, with details of further casting to be released closer to the start of the production.

Holding” by Graham Norton is published by Hodder & Stoughton and is available to purchase online from


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