Thurles Public Disappointed By Litter Collection Failure. is disappointed to report that once again the litter bins within the Thurles Town Park area are overflowing this weekend.

Situation as at Saturday evening May 8th 2021.
The above six individual bins were located in the area of Thurles Town Park.
Pictures G.Willoughby.

Although we had reported that some improvement was evident last weekend, it would appear that the path to progress may be slower than we had anticipated.

Two issues have emerged which stand as obstacles to improvement.

Firstly, it would appear that the bins are not being emptied on a sufficiently regular basis. The bins were emptied before last bank holiday weekend, but they were not emptied this weekend and rubbish has piled up again.

Secondly, the extra bins added to the Town Park lack any signage to indicate that they are there for the public to use. Consequently, they are being overlooked and remain relatively empty.

We know someone is listening to the pleas of the public and we are grateful to them, but we now ask that they address the issues of infrequent rubbish collection and poor signage as a matter of priority.

Please help to keep this wonderful amenity, that is Thurles Town Park, tidy.


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