Thurles Hairdressing Services Coming Back.

Today, April 30th is “Hairdresser Appreciation Day” and in 2021, we have never come to appreciate our hairdressers more. In the absence of their services many of us are going around looking like our cavemen and women ancestors. Many others are sporting the dreaded do-it-yourself ‘Covid Cut’.

Last night, positively, we learned that from May 10th, by appointment only, hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons will reopen. Walk-in services will not be available.

Hereunder a List of Lockdown Changes Coming Our Way.

From May 4th:

Outdoor workers can return to work and all construction can restart.

From May 10th:

Travel: You can travel between counties.
Garden visits: Up to 3 households can visit or 6 people from different households.
Training and Outdoor Events: Maximum 15 people.
Hairdressers, Barbers and Beauty Salons: Can reopen by appointment only. No walk-in services.
Retail: Click and collect by appointment only can restart along with outdoor retail.
Libraries: Can reopen.
Funerals: Maximum 50 mourners at Religious Services.
Weddings: Maximum 50 guests at service and maximum 6 guests at indoor reception or 15 at outdoor reception.
Public Transport: 50 per cent of services will run.
Vaccination Bonus: Click HERE for detailed information on the bonus for vaccinated persons.

From May 17th:

All remaining retail can reopen.

From June 2nd (Depending on the public health situation at the time).

Hotels, B&Bs and Self-Catering Services can reopen but services will be limited to overnight guests and residents.

From June 7th (Depending on the public health situation at the time).

Visitors: You can have visitors from one other household inside your home.

Restaurants and Bars: Outdoor services can resume with groups of up to no more than six people.

Weddings: Maximum number of reception guests increases to 25.

Outdoor Sports Matches: Can resume with no spectators.

Gyms, Swimming Pools and Leisure Centres: Can reopen but only for individual training.

Please continue to protect yourself and others by following public health advice.


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