Thurles Skateboard Park Padlocked.

The Thurles Skateboard Park, used mainly nowadays by the new scooter generation, the older BMX generation, daredevils using hijacked shopping trolleys, yes and even one or two skateboards; suffered an unwarranted, serious act of vandalism, possibly last night.

Thurles Skateboard Park

This amenity here in Thurles remains padlocked today, in the interests of health and safety.

The already graffiti clad skateboard arena had one sheet of its surface ripped out, (See picture above), leading to a complete closure of the whole facility.

Of course there was, once again, a failure to identify those involved, due to the non existance of CCTV cameras.

Our readers will remember back in August 2017 (Over 3 years ago) we asked the question, “Does Thurles CCTV Actually Work?” Read HERE and see also blog of July 2019, “Is Thurles CCTV System Just A €100,000 Bird Perch?”. Read HERE.

Did anyone hear anything, see anything or has anyone got further information. It should be noted that calls made to Crimestoppers are completely anonymous and callers do not need to leave names or addresses.


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