Docuseries & Documentaries In Honour Of ‘World Earth Day’.

As part of our series of recent articles in honour of World Earth Day, here are five docuseries and documentaries that highlight the breathtaking beauty of our planet, as well as the many challenges it continues to face.

David Attenborough: “A Life on Our Planet” (2020, Rated PG, Stream on Netflix).
In this Netflix original film, the legendary broadcaster David Attenborough considers what our planet has lost and outlines his vision of what the future may hold for our precious earth. A must see for fans of Sir Attenborough’s work.

Our Planet (2019, Rated U, Stream on Netflix).

From the great David Attenborough again, comes the incredible docuseries Our Planet. Across eight episodes, viewers are transported to diverse habitats around the world to explore nature’s beauty and the impact of climate change.

Seaspiracy (2021, Rated 15, Stream on Netflix).
Currently ranked in Netflix’s top ten watched features in Ireland, this documentary has shocked and captivated audiences. In it, filmmaker, Ali Tabrizi, examines the damage humans are doing to the earth’s oceans. Although some of Mr Tabrizi’s claims have been disputed (click HERE), there is no doubt that without action our oceans and waterways face irreversible destruction.

Secrets of the Whales (2021, Rated 9+, Stream on Disney+).
Released to coincide with World Earth Day 2021, Secrets of the Whales, from National Geographic, explores the habits and habitats of these majestic mammals. Narrated by the acclaimed actress Sigourney Weaver, this docuseries examines the lives of orcas, humpback whales, beluga whales and the giant sperm whale.

Earth Moods (2021, Rated 0+, Stream on Disney+).
Of all the docuseries on our list, this is the most novel in terms of goal and scope. Earth Moods from National Geographic transports viewers across deserts, tropics and frozen landscapes without note or narration. The aim of this series is to enable viewers to simply sit back, watch and relax as they take in the high definition soothing photography of epic landscapes from around the world.


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