Easy Easter Baking Fun for Kids.

Pop These Ingredients Into This Week’s Shopping Trolley!

Tomorrow, Friday March 26th 2021, pupils across Tipperary and indeed the whole of Ireland will get their Easter Holidays, and pupils and parents are looking forward to a well-earned break from a particularly tough school term.

With lockdown restrictions still in place, mums and dads will continue to be looking out for fun activities to keep their kids occupied at home. No matter what their age, children young and old love to bake.

Here are some fun and easy Easter baking ideas that the whole family will enjoy making and will most definitely enjoy eating!

White Chocolate and Coconut Easter Bunny Marshmallow Tails.
If you’re feeling up for a challenge then why not make your own cookies. Follow this link to learn how to make these really easy delicious treats. Pop them on top of your favourite biscuits for an added layer of fun.

Mini Egg Easter Rice Krispie Treats.
For an Easter twist on the classic Rice Krispie bun take a look at this YouTube video hereunder; from Channel Mum.

Easter Egg Rice Krispie Egg Surprises.
This is an easy and original Easter treat idea that combines, butter, marshmallows and Rice Krispies with a sweet filling of your choice. Definitely lots of fun to eat and make.

Easter Bunny Marshmallow Pops.
Marshmallows, white chocolate, smarties and imagination are all you need to create these cute no bake recipe Easter Bunny pops. Watch this YouTube video hereunder for step-by-step instructions.

Sweet Shop Easter Chocolate Slab.
This is a ‘sweet lovers’ dream dessert and one children will love planning for and eating! Simply combine your favourite sweets with melted chocolate. Delicious! For this recipe for “Sweet shop chocolate slab” click HERE


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