Dumping Continues On Mill Road, Thurles.

With the flood water subsiding on the Drish river flood plane, close to Manor Mill Bridge (today better known as Byrne’s Mill bridge), evidence suggesting further illegal dumping reveals itself.

The two tyres have appeared close together, thus suggesting that they were callously dumped over the bridge wall, by someone with little respect for other people.

It should be noted that it is a criminal offence not to dispose of tyres in an appropriate manner.

It should be remembered that the rubber from recycled shredded tyres has many uses, e.g. in playground areas, as equine bedding or on football pitches. The steel recovered from recycled tyres is also a valuable resource.

Some recycled tyres can also be retreaded. Note, a retreaded truck tyre requires only 33% of the oil utilised in manufacturing a new tyre, thus making a saving of up to 56 litres each time a truck tyre is retreaded.

The cost of recycling a tyre is minimum, €2.80 for a car tyre and €1.50 for motorcycle tyres.


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