Plans For New Housing Development In Thurles.

Dún Lia, Lognafulla, Dublin Road, Thurles, Co. Tipperary [Shaded in Blue.]

Permission has been granted to Ormonde Homes (Thurles) Ltd, for a new 63-house development initiative, here in Thurles, Co. Tipperary, subject to 23 added planning conditions by Tipperary County Council.

Ormonde Homes (Thurles) Ltd, was first established as a company on Wednesday December 11th 2019, for the purpose of Developing Building Projects. They submitted their original plans for a new building project at Dún Lia, Lognafulla, Dublin Road, Thurles (South of St. Patrick’s Graveyard), to Tipperary Co. Council, on May 26th 2020, for the 63 unit dwelling house development.

The now granted planning application for the 63 dwellings, which consists of 21 x 1 two bed bungalows, 36 x 1 three-bed units and 6 x 1 four-bed units, will commence subject to the attached 23 conditions specified by Tipperary Co. Council.


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