Real Christmas Tree Recycling Tipperary 2021

Christmas Trees here in Co. Tipperary can be dropped off Free of Charge for recycling from Monday January 4th, 2021 until Saturday January 16th 2021 at the following locations.

Parnell Street Car Park, Thurles.
Clonmel Recycling Centre Carrigeen, Clonmel.
Waller’s-Lot Recycling Centre Cashel.
Donohill Recycling Centre, Tipperary.
Fair Green Car Park Carrick- on- Suir.
Nenagh Recycling Centre, Nenagh.
Roscrea Recycling Centre, Roscrea.
Templemore Town Park, Templemore.
Co. Council Depot Cahir Business Park, Cahir.

Your recycled Christmas trees will be most possibly mulched for use in gardening and landscaping.

Mulch, as every good gardener knows, serves several purposes.

  • Weed Barrier: Mulch blocks the light and helps suffocates weeds.
  • Moisture Retention: By blocking the light, mulch helps your soil retain more moisture so you have less watering to do.
  • A Perceived Well Maintained Finish: Mulch adds a clean, decorative edge to your yard, boosting pathway curb appeal, which, in turn, adds to your home’s perceived value from the outside.

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