DIY Christmas Decorations For December 8th

Many of the activities that families typically enjoy at Christmas time are not possible this year. Trips to visit Santa in shopping centres and a trip to the cinema to see the latest Christmas movie won’t take place in 2020.

Although we are somewhat limited in what we can get up to outside our homes this Christmas, there are lots of fun Christmas crafts and games we can enjoy in the warm comfort of our own homes.

December 8th traditionally marks the start of Christmas in Ireland and many families begin decorating their homes from this date.

Why not add a bit of family fun to your Christmas decorating this year and try and make some of these fun and traditional Christmas paper crafts?
All you need is Sellotape or Glue, Paper, a Stapler and a Scissors.

If you want more examples why not try out these links hereunder: –

3D Paper Snowflake

3D Paper Christmas Trees

Paper Snowflake Templates

Christmas Tree Garland

Enjoy making your 3D Paper Snowflake and please do be careful with that sharp, pointed Scissors.


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