Clonmel Library Service Presents Talk On Sleep For Young Children

Senior Library Assistant with Tipperary Council Council Library Services, Ms Stephanie Woods reports.

Tipperary Council Council Library Service welcomes ‘Sleep Consultant’ Lucy Wolfe to give an online talk as part of our ‘Healthy Ireland at Your Library’, programme.

Lucy Wolfe, herself a Mum of four, is Ireland’s best-known Sleep Consultant and is bestselling author of “The Baby Sleep Solution” and “All about Baby Sleep”.

She is also the head of ‘Sleep Matters’, latter a private practise based in Co. Cork.

She is the resident sleep expert on Virgin Media One’s ‘Ireland AM’ weekday show and has contributed to television programmes including being a featured expert on RTE’s documentary “Awake – The Science of Sleep”.
Lucy can also be heard frequently on national radio; she also writes for The Independent newspaper and various online media sources.

On Wednesday November 4th, Lucy will give a talk covering the following topics:

An introduction to your child’s sleep, what is a sleep problem, who can have one, why does it happen and what you can do.

Gentle sleep shaping strategies to embrace from birth to 6 months. Gentle Sleep Learning strategies to implement from 6 months to 6 years.

Addressing 3 core reasons that routinely dilute parents’ efforts.

Decisions to make that improve sleep, where your baby sleeps, who starts the process, using a dummy and when to begin.

Definitive steps towards positive sleep practices including using a stay and support approach to improve sleep gently and considerately by day and by night.

Questions and Answer session.

Please Do Join Us

Note: Parents or other interested persons can pre-register HERE.


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