Update On Destruction Of Thurles Heritage By Tipperary. Co. Council.

Readers will be aware that we received a prompt email from Mr Ger Walsh, Tipperary Co. Council, latter former Ethics Registrar, on the 9th of September last, informing us that “the position of Ethics Registrar has been re-assigned to Mr. David Coleman, Administrative Officer, Corporate Services for the period 1st June 2020 until 31st May 2022” .

Two days ago September 23rd we received a reply from Mr. David Coleman.

Damage already caused to the 1846 Great Famine Double Ditch by Tipperary County Council, with the acceptance of local TD’s and Thurles Municipal District Council.

His email communication reads as follows:-

Sent by Coleman, David Time 14:57 to me and dated 23/9/2020.

“Dear Mr. Willoughby,
I am replying to your complaint regarding three queries you raised with the 9 elected members of Thurles Municipal District Council, of which 2 replied to you.
(Personal note: The two who replied were Cllr. Mr Sean Ryan and Cllr. Mr Seamus Hanifin.)

The appropriate response in the case of your queries should come from the Thurles Municipal District Executive, ie the District Manager or the District Administrator.

I understand that you have received a reply to your queries from the Acting District Manager.

Going forward, similar queries should be sent to the District Administrator.

The seven elected members have been contacted in terms of their having regard to and be guided by the Code of Conduct.

I must point out, however, that it is a matter for each elected representative to determine how they deal with their electronic communications, while being cognizant of the Code of Conduct.

Yours Sincerely
David Coleman, (Ethics Registrar, Corporate Services.)”

We will be replying to Mr. David Coleman’s communication in the coming days; the reply to be made public.


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